Ian and Marci Thompson

Ian and Marci Thompson have been accepted as full time career missionaries with SOAR and are currently developing their prayer and financial support team.

Marci comes from a family of nine, which includes five adopted children—four of whom are from Russia. She has played an active role in the lives of both her adopted siblings and local youth, primarily through teaching and providing childcare. In 2012, she graduated from East Carolina University with a degree in Elementary Education and currently, she teaches English to Chinese children.

Ian grew up in Canada. After graduating high school, he received a 2-year diploma in Global Studies from Rocky Mountain Bible College, and went on to complete one year of a Northern Studies program at Yukon College. He has participated in mission trips with several ministries, including Youth With a Mission (YWAM) and SEND North.

Marci and Ian met in May 2016 through divine circumstances and in May 2018, they were married. Together, they both served on staff with Samaritan’s Purse—Canada at a youth center in a small, Native village in northern British Columbia. In January 2019, Marci traveled to Russia with SOAR on the Stuff a Stocking outreach and in May 2019, she returned to Russia for the Baskets of Hope outreach. Marci and Ian are excited to move to Alaska to begin their full time ministry with SOAR!

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