Dick & Kathy Page

Dick and Kathy Page came to Alaska as missionaries in 1976 after Dick graduated from Moody Bible Institute and Moody Aviation. For nearly 20 years he served as a missionary pilot throughout Alaska. Soon after the Iron Curtain fell, Dick began flying ministry trips into the Russian Far East, a remote area with no connecting road system. As he scheduled and transported ministry teams there, God gave him a burden for the Russian people who had been deprived of God’s Word for 70 years. During the next several years God established key relationships in Russia, and a ministry began to grow in this region that could literally be called the “ends of the earth.”

In 1998 Dick and Kathy founded SOAR International Ministries where Dick serves as the current Director. His ministry involves administrative duties as well as flying, aircraft mechanics, trip logistics, and meeting with government officials in Moscow and the Russian Far East. He travels often to Moscow for SOAR’s Stuff a Stocking and Baskets of Hope projects as well as for our Winter and Summer camps. During these projects and camps, he enjoys sharing Christ through his Gospel object lessons. Kathy’s ministry involves hospitality, designing SOAR publications and helping Dick with a variety of other SOAR tasks. Their two sons and wives have blessed them with twelve grandchildren (ask them and they’ll show you pictures!).


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