On the coast of the Black Sea just south of Sochi, Russia sits the small independent state of Abkhazia.

Few countries recognize its independence and few people know of its existence, yet the spiritual and physical needs in Abkhazia are great. Through a partnership with churches in Sochi, SOAR became aware that this tiny region of around 240,000 people and includes only about 300 Christians and a few small churches struggling to survive. The head pastor over the Sochi churches also oversees the churches in Abkhazia and has asked for SOAR’s help as they seek to assist the churches in Abkhazia.

SOAR also assists the Evangelical church in Abkhazia with camps for handicapped children and young adults. They minister to children, young adults, their families and caretakers through physical therapy, rest and fellowship, and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord for this fantastic ministry!

Project Highlight

In October SOAR will once again partner with the churches in Abkhazia to hold two very special Bible camps for disabled children and young adults. This camp dramatically impacts the lives of these kids and their families as they hear the Gospel message and hear testimonies of how God works in our lives through difficult circumstances. We need your help to raise the remaining $6000 for this camp.

If you would like to help SOAR provide for this camp: Click Here